100% donated to charity!
'...and dream of sheep'
Hand embroidered
silk & cashmere cover


100% of this sale will be donated to Riding for the Disabled!


The front of the ‘...and dream of sheep’ hand embroidered cover is 100% silk Jacquard, and hand embroidered with a gradient of colours from white, through blue, to black; in 100% silk thread with satin stitch. The golden silk is framed by a border of black cashmere. The back of this unique piece is a black heavy 100% pure glossy cashmere! Soft, warm and classic.

The soporific effect of counting sheep is emphasised through the changing colour of the hand embroidered words, as the reader drifts from ambient light, to the gentle caress of dreams. The colour change effect is achieved 'in-needle' through the controlled combining of solid coloured silk threads.

This extra large cover is hand embroidered with a sheep-counting rhyme traditionally used by shepherds in The Borders and Cheviots. Until the Industrial Revolution, the use of traditional number systems was common among shepherds. The Yan Tan Tethera words derive from a Brythonic Celtic language.

To keep count of a large number of sheep, a shepherd would repeatedly count to twenty, placing a mark on the ground with his boot, or move his hand to another mark on his crook, or drop a pebble into his pocket to represent each score; for example, 5 score = 100 sheep

Length: 200cm
Width: 195cm


100% of the sale of this item will be donated to Riding for the Disabled. A charity very close to my heart and extremely well deserving, which gives disabled children, young people and adults the freedom of mobility, and the joy of contact with horses.

Riding for the Disabled is part of The Horse Rangers Association, Hampton. (Registered Charity 1098257)


This Si Je Veux item is a unique one-of-a-kind piece of hand embroidered fine-art, handmade in Richmond upon Thames, England, with great British materials.


Presented in a hand crafted Si Je Veux storage box and carefully wrapped to ensure its safety during delivery.

All postage within the mainland Uk is free of charge, registered and insured. Overseas postage is registered and insured. Prices on demand.


You can commission one in a different colour or fabric, such as exquisite cashmere, linen or silk. Simply click on 'Commissioning' to start.
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