Jane preparing model, Enzo, for a photoshoot.

Si Je Veux is a creative studio based in London.

Specialising in hand embroidered lettering, using luxurious materials from the British Isles, combined with traditional techniques. Si Je Veux plays with the juxtaposition of hard text and voluptuous textiles. It’s naughty. Erudite. Historical. Fearless. Assiduous and exquis. 

The antithesis of mass production, Si Je Veux creations have a unique inherited history. Every item is handmade in Richmond-upon-Thames, and has the potential to become an instant family heirloom.

Jane Porry, owner of Si Je Veux — an award winning Anglo/French Art Director, turned fine-art hand embroiderer, working in both Paris and London — has a keen eye for all things witty, and a burning love of languages and lettering. 
“I enjoy the badinage of European culture” she says.

My work is a combination of many things I’m passionate about: etymology, typography and lettering, tactile sensual fabrics, literature, languages, classical music, history, fine art, nature & science. I have brought the breadth of my experience as an Art Director to hand embroidery.

Commissions make up a large part of the work at Si Je Veux, and include items for weddings, special occasions, events and interiors. "I love the creative interplay of working with other artists, designers, and photographers."

The sensual pleasure of tactilité and quality of materials are a priority to Jane, who sources raw materials conscientiously from the famous mills of the Scottish Borders and Ireland, plus contemporary studio weavers throughout the British Isles. "Provenance, quality and heritage are very important to me. They're the fabric on which I write."